The future of talent acquisition is digital. Get ahead with new tools and strategies!

Keep up to speed with rapidly changing advancements in this field. Ensure you have the insights, resources, and capabilities to harness digital technologies – both cognitive and social – for your talent acquisition success!

10+Hours of Networking
10+Patient/Caregiver Speakers
5Provinces in Discussion
11Case Studies
2In-depth Workshops

Utilize new insights for your own business:

  1. Employer branding: ‘Pull’ talent towards your company
  2. Mobile first: Create websites candidates can apply through from anywhere
  3. Social listening: Navigate positive and negative reviews online
  4. SEO: Make sure candidates can find your job postings
  5. People analytics: Use data to inform your hiring decisions
  6. Video interviews: Utilize new approaches to streamline Transform candidate experiences: Deliver a memorable UX online
  7. Content marketing: Reach the best talent with meaningful information
  8. New technologies: Save time and money with new tools to enhance your recruitment

+ Many More!

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